Concrete Repair and Protection: Solutions for sustainable concrete repair,structural strengthening and crack injection

Reinforced concrete is the construction material of choice for the buildings and highways that comprise our urban and industrial environment.

Concrete Repair and ProtectionThe durability of the concrete is a critical issue for planners and asset owners. BASF in conjunction with industry experts and universities, have studied the causes behind the deterioration of reinforced concrete

The Master Builders Solutions range of products for concrete rehabilitation includes MasterEmaco structural mortars designed to replace the high strength concrete lost due to degradation.

The MasterEmaco range incorporates active corrosion inhibition with state of the art galvanic anodes to ensure the integrity of steel reinforcement for many years after repair.

It also includes products for non-structural repairs such as re-profiling mortars for balconies or fa├žades, high-build overhead mortars and fast setting mortars to allow rapid completion of the project.