Concrete Repair

c-r-buildingCONCHEM Construction Chemicals supplies the construction industry with a range of Concrete Repair products for Road Concrete Repair & Structural Concrete Repair

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As agents for a.b.e Construction Chemicals our products we offer include:

abe super brush cleaner

Water-soluble cleaner DESCRIPTION  abe® super brush cleaner is a water-rinseable solvent/detergent mixture. Download PDF USES abe® super brush cleaner can be used for removing most types of wet coating from brushes, rollers, mixing tools and other application equipment. It will also remove hardened bituminous, alkyd, acrylic, chlorinated rubber and vinyl coating from equipment. Note: It will not […] plasta kee

Acrylic Plaster Primer & Mortar Enhancer DESCRIPTION abe.®bond plasta kee is an aqueous dispersion of fine acrylic copolymer particles. Download PDF  USES abe.®bond plasta kee is very stable in an alkaline environment and perfectly compatible with hydraulic cements. abe.®bond plasta kee is recommended for the following applications: Primer coat for renderings and toppings. Cement rendering sand mixed type renderings. Base coat, […]

abe.cote SF (Solvent Free) 356

Epoxy tar coating and binder for epoxy tar paving/mortar DESCRIPTION abe.®cote SF 356 is a two-component, solvent-free amine- cured epoxy tar. Download PDF USES High-build epoxy tar coating for chemical resistance – protection of asphalt road surfaces against oil attack. When mixed with aggregate can be used as a paving compound. ADVANTAGES High chemical-resistant coating for concrete and steel. High-build for longer […]


Plaster adhesive / mortar and screed improver DESCRIPTION abe® plastergrip is a blend of synthetic polymers and additives. Download PDF USES Designed specifically to enhance the bond of cement screeds or renderings and gypsum plaster skim coats to clean, sound surfaces of concrete, masonry, brickwork, and most other common building materials. Surfaces already painted with […] GP (General Purpose)

Single-pack acrylic emulsion, bonding and curing agent DESCRIPTION dura.®bond GP is a modified, single-pack acrylic emulsion which is milky in color. Download PDF USES As a primer/bonding medium for cementitious repairs to concrete elements in both internal and external applications. Typically used with durarep GT, HS, FR and FS range of repair systems where normal or high build applications are required in vertical, horizontal or […]

dura.cote WB (Water based)

Decorative flexible acrylic polymer coating for the protection of masonry and concrete structures DESCRIPTION The dura.®cote WB system is a high performance flexible aliphatic acrylic polymer coating with high crack bridging properties. The system comprises: dura.®cote WB primer, a powerful penetrating organic carrier coat incorporating acrylic resin and silane-siloxane molecules that form a reactive hydrophobic primer barrier coat that chemically bonds to the substrate. dura.®cote WB […]


Flexible waterproofing slurry DESCRIPTION dura.®flex is a ready to use flexible slurry based on a special synthetic resin dispersion and a blend of selected cements mixed with carefully graded aggregate. Download PDF USES dura.®flex is used for : Protection and repair of balconies, terraces and haunching concrete of roads and bridges. Waterproofing of new and old buildings (internal and external)  Waterproofing of tanks,containers and […]


Mortar and screed improver and adhesive DESCRIPTION   dura.®latex is a synthetic resin polymer which is supplied as a ready to use liquid. It is designed to improve the qualities of site-batched cementitious mortars and slurries. Being resistant to hydrolysis, it is ideal for internal and external applications in conjunction with cement. Download PDF USES  Improving adhesion […]

dura.rep 60 & 180

Rapid-setting cement-based water-stopping powders DESCRIPTION dura.®rep 60 & 180 is a one component, cementitious blend which sets rapidly after addition of a minimal amount of clean water. They are fast setting mortars, which are easy to apply for the purpose of curtailing water seepages and similar difficult to apply situations. Under ambient temperatures of 20º C the initial set times to be expected are: dura.®rep […]

dura.rep FC (Fairing Compound)

Single-component, polymer-modified cementitious fairing coat DESCRIPTION dura.®rep FC is a one-component, polymer modified cementitious blend, which only requires the addition of a minimal amount of clean water. Its unique formulation provides a fair-faced finish to concrete and masonry whether used as a fairing or to close blowholes prior to applying protective decorative coatings such as […]

dura.rep FMC (Fluid Micro Concrete)

Shrinkage compensated fluid micro-concrete DESCRIPTION dura.®rep FMC is a cement based non-shrink concrete reinstatement grout, which can be applied by pouring or pumping. The select grading of aggregates and special additives ensures that there is no segregation when pouring, that the thermal coefficient of the cured product matches that of the concrete, that the product has […]

dura.rep FR(Fibre Reinforced)

Polymer modified, fibre-reinforced Structural repair mortar DESCRIPTION Polymer-modified, fibre-reinforced, cement-based mortar, which is chloride-free, ready to use, non-shrink and of a single component. Download PDF USES Potable water retaining structures. Repairing voids and honeycombed areas. Also applied by gunning (wet or dry process). Bedding mortar for concrete planks i.e. seats at sports stadiums, suspended flooring. […]

dura.rep GT-MCI

Polymer modified, structural repair mortar containing migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI) DESCRIPTION dura.®rep GT-MCI is a pre-mixed ready to use single-component polymer modified, cementitious repair mortar containing MuCis® ad 22 P* a migrating corrosion inhibitor (MCI). dura.®rep GT-MCI is based on blended cements, graded siliceous aggregate, proprietary chemical additives, fillers and anti-desiccants. dura.®rep GT-MCI is intended for use in […]

dura.rep ZR (Zinc Rich) primer

Single-component epoxy zinc primer DESCRIPTION dura.®rep ZR primer is a single-component liquid epoxy resin, enriched with metallic zinc, offering excellent corrosion protection properties when used in conjunction with a.b.e.®‘s dura repair systems. Download PDF USES dura.®rep ZR primer is recommended as an anti-corrosion primer for exposed steel reinforcement, for use with dura repair mortars. dura.®rep […]

dura.sil AS (Anti staining)

Silane based penetrating stain repellant DESCRIPTION dura.®sil AS silane is a solvent based water and oil repellant for masonry substrates. Download PDF USES dura.®sil AS silane is a ready to use penetrating stain repellent for the surface treatment of concrete masonry substrates and natural stone. Other uses are for: Anti staining : Pavers Flagstones Marble […]

dura.sil Gel

Thixotropic silane emulsion to provide water repellency to masonry substrates DESCRIPTION dura.®sil Gel is a water based thixotropic gel of Octyl triethoxy silane. The low molecular weight of the active ingredient allows for deep penetration into the substrate providing high water repellency even in dense concrete. The formulated thixotropic gel slowly absorbs into the substrate, providing […]

dura.sil S (Silane/Siloxane)

Water-repellent treatment for face brick DESCRIPTION dura.®sil S is a single-component, clear penetrating, breathable silane-siloxane water repellent for use on exterior face brick and masonry to provide a hydrophobic surface to the pore structure. Download PDF USES dura.®sil S is a clear-coating water repellent that also enhances self-cleaning properties to substrates such as: general exterior water repellent […]

dura.sil SH (Solvent Free)

Water-repellant treatment for concrete, masonry and stone DESCRIPTION dura.®sil SH is a single-component, clear, penetrating, breathable silane-siloxane water repellent for use on exterior above-grade concrete, brick masonry and some natural stone to provide a hydrophobic surface to the pore structure. Download PDF USES dura.®sil SH, as a clear colorless coating, offers excellent water repellent properties to […]


Saturation membrane DESCRIPTION ecofelt is a 100% polypropylene continuous filament saturation membrane. It has a highly porous three-dimensional fibre structure, manufactured by needle-punching the fibres to form an homogeneous sheet. It has been proven internationally to be one of the best saturation membranes for improved waterproofing performance. Download PDF USES Tunnel waterproofing Waterproofing of buildings […]

epidermix 314

Two-component structural Repair epoxy mortar DESCRIPTION Two-component, solvent-free, filled, polyamide cured epoxy. Download PDF USES  Repairing and patching defects in concrete such as honeycomb and spalls. ADVANTAGES Easily installed by gloved hand. Easily smoothed to finish off. Holds perfectly in overhead work. Non-slump in vertical. Needs no priming. Strengths way above surrounding concrete. Resistant to […]

epidermix 315

Epoxy tar mastic DESCRIPTION Two-component, solvent-free, filled, amine-cured epoxy tar mastic. Download PDF USES Bonding and filling of most construction materials, including concrete to asphalt, especially kerbstones, and cuts in roadways. Tack-bonding of rubber. Bridge bearing pads to concrete stoolings. Bonding metal framed cats eyes to road ways (tarmac and concrete). Good gap filling properties. […]

epidermix 318

Two component epoxy adhesive/repair compound DESCRIPTION Two component, solvent free, filled, polyamide cured epoxy. Download PDF USES Repairing and patching defects in concrete such as honeycomb and spalls. Fabricating components and repairing defects in fibre cement products. SURFACE PREPARATION Any surface to be repaired with epidermix 318 must be CLEAN, MECHANICALLY SOUND and DRY. The surface should be chipped to expose main aggregate and […]

epidermix 319

Low-slump, high strength epoxy mortar/adhesive DESCRIPTION epidermix 319 is a two-component, solvent-free epoxy resin bedding mortar/adhesive with low slump characteristics. The product has particularly high adhesive characteristics and will cure under damp conditions. Download PDF USES For fast repairs to honeycombed concrete. Reinstatement of damaged arises and stair treads. Repairs to damaged precast concrete elements. […]

epidermix 344

Structural wet-to-dry concrete adhesive DESCRIPTION epidermix 344 is a two-component, solvent-free, polysulphide modified epoxy adhesive. Download PDF USES Bonding fresh (plastic) concrete to existing concrete, plaster to brickwork. Can be used to provide a damp-proof barrier within the concrete matrix. If applied onto reinforcing steel epidermix 344 will cause no loss of concrete/steel bond strength. […]

epidermix 345

Structural wet-to-dry epoxy concrete adhesive with extended open time capability DESCRIPTION epidermix 345 is a solvent-free two-component modified wet-to-dry epoxy resin system which has an extended open time formulation. Download PDF USES Structural bonding fresh wet concrete to existing concrete. Extended open time feature is useful where re-bar and shuttering have to be installed prior […]

epidermix 365

Liquid (non-structural) epoxy adhesive DESCRIPTION  Two-component, solvent-free, polyamide cured epoxy. Download PDF USES General purpose liquid epoxy compound. Adhesive for various substrates. Binder for epoxy mortar. Crack injection compound. Coating for expanded polystyrene, primer for epoxy mortar, fiber glassing compound. ADVANTAGES  Solvent free. Easily applied liquid. Can be injected. Mix with aggregates to form mortar. […]

epidermix 372

Epoxy adhesive, filler and grout DESCRIPTION epidermix 372 is a two-component, solvent-free, thixotropic, polyamide cured epoxy adhesive. Download PDF USES As a general purpose adhesive for most materials, excluding certain plastics and stainless steel. If required in structural load bearing applications the a.b.e.® Technical Department should be consulted and supplied with full details of the […]

epidermix 389

Low-viscosity crack injection compound DESCRIPTION Two-component, solvent-free, low-viscosity modified epoxy. Download PDF USES A crack injection compound for cracks between 0,10 and 0,05mm in width. May also be used as primer for epoxy mortars and electrical encapsulation. ADVANTAGES Stabilizes cracks in concrete Insulates and tamper proofs electrical fittings See properties of dry film SURFACE PREPARATION […]

epidermix 500

Solvent-free, abrasion-resistant, high-strength epoxy lining DESCRIPTION epidermix 500 is a solvent-free, three-component epoxy mortar, formulated to exhibit good abrasion resistance and high strength characteristics. Download PDF USES epidermix 500 is used for rapid reinstatement or coatings of concrete structures such as manholes, sewer outfalls, chemical spillage areas or where any of these criteria can be […]

epidermix 505

Epoxy resin fairing coat DESCRIPTION  epidermix 505 is a two-component solvent-free, thixotropic, epoxy paste. Download PDF USES Smoothing concrete irregularities and filling blowholes prior to application of epoxy coatings. ADVANTAGES Low slump – can be applied to vertical, horizontal and overhead surfaces. Paste consistency – can be easily smoothed over irregularities and filling of blow-holes. […]

epidermix 510

Lightweight reinstatement mortar DESCRIPTION epidermix 510 is a solvent-free, three component, epoxy mortar, formulated to be used in overhead and vertical applications where its lightweight fillers give the material its thixotropic characteristics Download PDF USES For repairs To concrete, especially in vertical and overhead locations. Where good chemical resistance is important in those areas. Emergency repairs where […]

epidermix 520

Solvent-free, abrasion-resistant, high-strength reinstatement mortar DESCRIPTION  epidermix 520 is a solvent-free, three-component epoxy mortar, formulated to exhibit good abrasion resistance, chemically resistant and high strength characteristics. Download PDF USES  For repairs to concrete in acid tanks, sea walls and industrial floors. For bedding in precast elements. ADVANTAGES  High early strength ensures limited impact on construction […]

epidermix 525

Solvent-free, minimum-slump, high-adhesion epoxy mortar DESCRIPTION epidermix 525 is a solvent-free, two-component, epoxy mortar, formulated to exhibit high adhesion and minimum slump characteristics. Download PDF USES For repairs To honeycomb concrete Arise repairs Precast element repairs Weirs and spillways When good chemical resistance is required For bedding Pre-cast concrete units ADVANTAGES High early strength ensures […]

epidermix 725, 725TX & 750

Polyester resin grout DESCRIPTION epidemix 725, 725TX and 750 are two-component polyester resin grouts for a variety of anchoring applications. Download PDF USES These polyester resin grouts are formulated to provide high-strength chemical-resistant grouting and anchoring of bars, bolts and other embedded objects into concrete, high strength masonry, brick and rock. They are also used […]


CHARACTERISTICS GENMAT (10 mil) TBT is a non-woven web-like mat or tissue of randomly dispersed C-glass fibres. The C-glass fibres are bonded to one another by means of a binder compatible with polyester and vinylester resins. Download PDF APPLICATION GENMAT (10 mil) TBT is designed to impart a reinforced resin rich surface for general GRP […]

flexothane G (Gun Grade)

Polyurethane elastomeric joint sealant DESCRIPTION  flexothane G is a two component, elastomeric polyurethane joint sealant. Download PDF USES  flexothane G is a sealant used for sealing expansion joints, stress relief joints and movement joints in building and other civil engineering structures, These include superstructures, reservoirs and other water retaining structures, floors, basements and subways. ADVANTAGES […]

MuCis mia 100

MIGRATING MULTIFUNCTIONAL FIXATIVE CORROSION INHIBITOR FOR PROTECTIVE IMPREGNATION OF SURFACES OF PRE-EXISTING REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES DESCRIPTION MuCis® mia 100 is a multifunctional corrosion inhibitor: it adheres on the capillarity joining by both anodic or cathodic protection, contact interface steel reinforcement/concrete, and migrating protection. Download PDF ADVANTAGES MuCis® mia 100 can be used as such, and protects […]


Elastomeric cementitious waterproofing coating DESCRIPTION abe® silocoat is a two-component polymer modified cementitious coating, supplied in a pre-packaged form. The product has been designed to be easily mixed on-site using a slow speed drill and paddle, and then applied to the  substrate using a brush, roller or airless spray application. abe® silocoat cures to form […]